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As a Game Day sports photographer, I'm excited about the start of another season.  You can look at past galleries for examples of game-day coverage of various sports.  New for 2021 is an option for a prepay signup for a game.  You will receive a link within 48 hours with your photos so you can relax and enjoy the game, then enjoy the photos afterward.

How it works: Use the Game Day Sign-up link to register your athlete's information and make your payment.  Prepaid signup is $65 per game and provides a minimum of 10 photos (usually more) per athlete, per game. If you have any questions, please use the Contact page.

Why the change: Prepay focuses more on a few players rather than "spaying to all fields". 

Or Browse the Gallery after your game.  Your coach or team parent will distribute the link.

  • 1 - Image: $12
  • 3 - Images: $2
  • 5 - Images: $48
  • 10 - Images: $86