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As a Game Day sports photographer, I'm always excited about games and competitions.  You can view the video slide show (it has a soundtrack) and photo galleries for examples of game-day photos of various sports. All coverage is pre-paid and provides 15-20 photos (usually more) per athlete, per game.  You will receive a link within 48 hours so you can relax and enjoy the game, then enjoy the photos afterward.

Why Pre-Pay: I provide the service of a professional photographer focused on your athlete for a game or competition. I generally capture many more than a single moment which I then deliver quickly and seamlessly to your phone, tablet, or PC to share and print. I would love to capture memories that last a lifetime and beyond for you and your athlete!

How it works: Visit the Registration page to enter your athlete's information and make your payment. If you have any questions, please use the Contact page.

Jerrold Berry
Alpha Photography